Beverage Business Insights Features GLOW Beverages

We were recently profiled by Business Beverage Insights as we continue to expand throughout California with the help of our friends at Millennial Brands. Millennial will be facilitating our first foray into Direct Store Delivery (DSD) distribution. You know what that means? We’re growing!

-And soon we’ll be available in more stores. We couldn’t grow without you.

The article highlights our CEO, John Larson, a former real estate investor, and how he came up with the idea for GLOW after a long night out in Vegas in 2015. To sum it up, all he wanted was something other than a cocktail but all the clubs had to offer were humdrum sodas and overpriced waters. We can
certainly relate.

The article also details how “Using Voss Water as model, John enlisted a consultant to create classy-looking glass bottle and collaborate on an enhanced hydration liquid that blends amino acids, electrolytes and vitamins, including such ingredients as prickly pear, serotonin-producing 5HTP and milk thistle.” Mix it all together, and you’ve got a sparkling bottle of GLOW.

As you can tell, we’re now available in 12-oz glass bottles for those who are feeling fancy, and 10.8-oz plastic bottles for those who want to hit the dance floor hard. So far we’ve partnered with Live Nation’s Insomniac Events division and have been distributed at Beyond Wonderland , Nocturnal Wonderland , Escape Psycho Circus , Hard Day of the Dead, Dreamstate , and soon, Countdown NYE . We’re also lucky enough to serve the hard working employees at Google’s Austin campus, and Facebook’s Austin and Melno Park campuses.

It’s been quite the roller coaster ride, but we are on our way. If you would like to learn more about us, John’s story, or follow our growth, subscribe to Beverage Business Insights here , and/or check out our site for details and upcoming events and how you can join the GLOW Fam.

Keep on GLOWing!