Mango Apricot

Sparkling Hydration

low calorie less than 15Cal per bottle all natural no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors unique flavors because healthy can be tasty 7 vitamins & 3 minerals to support healthy skin, strong immune system non-GMO gluten free and vegan good for you and also for the environment water is great glow is better glow is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes and amino acids such as milk thistle seed extract supports and detoxifies the liver sodium controls blood pressure and supports muscular performance zinc boots immune sustem, promotes cell regeneration and helps break down carbohydrates 5-htp increases the production of chemical serotonin, which aids in improving sleep, apetite and overall body health award winner 16 medals all around glow has won a variety of beverages competitions including best low calories mixer best energy drink and best hydration drink and oh did we already mention glow has no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners also glow is vegan gluten free and non gmo discover glow high end inside out the perfect product has to be thought from beginning to end, that's why we work with only best quality materials and inputs, from what goes inside to outside the bottle fast delivery system it's important to get your product as fast as possible that's why we've upgraded our delivery system to make GLOW faster and more efficient take care of the earth glow is compromised to a better you and a better us and so we offer healthy and also luscious products so you can take better care of your body and also the environment

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Sies

The drink was amazing and I thank my coach NBADREW for putting me onto the good good👏🏽

Andrew C.
major kick!

So tasty 🔥

Tyler T.
I recommend

This is a really great tasting drink that Glow made. It has great taste and low in calories so perfect after working out. Great product.

Karolyn K.

I would buy this product again because I have abdominal tests often and this is the best product that keeps me hydrated! The mango and lemon ones are the best!

Favorite one

I love Glow, especially Mango Apricot. I don't even know what the heck is in it, but it's the best damn sports drink on the planet, PERIOD. After I'm done working out, this gives me the necessary rehydration that I just love. Keep up the good work, Glow