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GLOW Beverages - Energy Sample - 6 Pack



3 Bottles of Mango Apricot Sparkling Energy

3 Bottles of Spicy Watermelon Sparkling Energy

In Today's Insanely Fast-Paced World, GLOW Creates Premium Naturally Enhanced FUN-ctional Beverages That Support a Productive, Healthy, and Active Lifestyle!

Our Glow Sparkling Infused Energy Gives you that boost you need Glow Throughout Your Day!

Definitely Not The Cheap Sugar Rush "Energy" Drinks! 

Our Sophisticated Ingredients include; 

- All of the benefits of the hydration formula

- Added Caffeine (Coffee Bean Extract & Vitamin B-12)
- No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. 
- Light, Refreshing taste
- 0 Sugar & Low Carbs
- Milk Thistle
- Prickly Pear

- Sold in a Glass Bottle, Not Only a Premium Option but Better for The Environment.

Order today and feel the GLOW!

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